July 4th Word Search

Word search Gameplay
Download the Free Game in the App Store.

July 4th Word Search Game

Check out my first game, available in the App Store.  It’s Free and available now.  All the puzzles are Independence Day themed and you’ll never get the same word list in repeated play-throughs.  If you have a chance to play, please leave a review with your thoughts or word list suggestions.

I’m new to iOS development & now seems like a great time to get started with their new programming language, Swift, releasing soon.  I’m working on 3 additional games for release soon, including a Flappy Bird knock-off.

By Doug Harper

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  1. I know casino games are where a lot of people are making money right now. Do you have a marketing or launch strategy. I think user retention & engagement would be the most important ingredients to a successful roulette game. Of course… you need to build a great game too.

    Good luck with it and let me know how it’s going. I’ll be happy to spread the word when you’re ready.

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