Luckity Review

Luckity Review Screenshot

Skeleton is one of my favorite Responsive Frameworks. It’s a very simple and lightweight set of CSS files that works perfectly for landing page type sites that need some versatility.

This is a low budget project, but still needs to work across all devices.  Speed is more important than lots of bling, so there’s no need for some of the other beefier frameworks.  What I like most is the ease of coding the columns and popping in a video.  I’ve learned through experience to take a little time to properly size the images and then allow Skeleton to work it’s magic by reducing the sizes when needed.

LuckityReview achieved a very high ranking for several valuable keywords and combinations which lead to some nice earnings.  Unfortunately, the Luckity Bingo eventually shutdown and LuckityReview was no longer a viable site, so it was taken down in 2016.

By Doug Harper

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