LuvYurMutt Website

LuvYurMutt Local Business Website

Pam Griffin is a terrific dog trainer who needed a professional website to show potential clients.  Her main advertising was word of mouth and running booths at local events.

LuvYurMutt was built on the Skeleton framework , which is perfect for small – lightweight projects like a local website.   It looks great on all mobile devices and loads fast.    Although the site launched in 2013 it still holds holds up and only needed one minor update.

We optimized the site for local search and currently maintain the top Google result for several important search terms, i.e. dog trainer, best dog trainer, puppy training, best puppy training, etc…

Visit the LuvYurMutt.

Website Features and Notes

  • Responsive website created on Skeleton Framework.
  • Most images were captured by Pam’s daughter.
  • Originally we had a pet treats store implemented.  We had to remove it because Pam’s training workload increased.
  • A custom map was put in to replace the google map for reasons of privacy.
  • Local SEO was implemented effectively.

By Doug Harper

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