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Stain DFence Website - Local Business

Stain DFence is a new business partnership created by a couple of friends in Plano, TX. They are starting a local fence staining service and need a professional website for potential customers and new clients.

The website needs accomplish 3 main goals:

  1. Inform potential clients about their fence staining service.
  2. Capture estimate requests.
  3. Acquire organic traffic through local search results.

Stain DFence will have a multi-faceted marketing approach, with their great looking service vehicles providing a foundation to drive traffic to the website. When homeowners’ visit the site the will expect to quickly get to an estimate request form or phone number. We also need to provide some information about the fence staining service and a gallery of completed projects.

Local search will be an important aspect of the website, so we are taking the time to research and optimize the site for a long term successful local search strategy.

I picked Showcase Pro Theme which works with the Genesis Framework for the website.  It’s a solid choice for local businesses and the Genesis Framework is the industry standard for WordPress, particulary when SEO is important.

See Stain DFence in action.

Website Features and Notes

  • Google Analytics
  • Google My Business
  • Genesis Framework
  • Custom Photo Gallery
  • Contact Forms
  • Structured Data
  • Local SEO optimization

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